The modern Bunk Bed is a metaphor for sophistication and elegance. The traditional image of austerity and undesirability has been replaced by the style icon image that kids bunk beds have assumed over the recent past. Their functionality has been overshadowed by their fashion status as the most desirable form of bedding for children and teenagers. Bunk Beds have become sleeping accommodation by desire rather than by necessity. They now grace the bedrooms of large homes as much as less spacious accommodation which indicates just how popular they have become with children from all backgrounds. They look cool in the many new types, materials and colours now available to the young consumer and there is a certain amount of peer pressure on them to have a bun k bed as opposed to an ordinary single or double bed. Children view bunk beds as an idyllic sleep and leisure time haven and many really appreciate the integrated work stations that provide the study and homework facility – for them such an essential part of the bunk bed package. When you have this functionality combined with fashionable design you have a winning product and that is how modern bunk beds rate in the popularity stakes. Many kids, especially girls, love the futon bunk as they have not only an integrated sofa for relaxation during the day but also a bed for their friends to enjoy stay overs. This social aspect to Bunk beds is an endearing feature for ma ny children and is reason enough on its own for parents to purchase one for their children. Affordability makes bunk beds an even more attractive option and parents love the idea of buying a reasonably priced bunk bed that ticks all the boxes, for their children. Bunk Beds have a funky appearance that is so appealing to kids. Wood or metal, they look equally stunning and the additional integrated storage areas make them look much more than just a bed. They assume the appearance of a super bed, and become objects of desire. That is why so many families have at least one bunk bed in their homes to satisfy their children's preferences in bedding. For kids they encapsulate all the characteristics of their aspirational visions and provide a scenario where they feel grown up and independent. Bunk Beds are a conduit for expressing their individuality and sense of making their own decisions. For kids who live in cramped conditions a bunk bed can be a real life saver giving them that badly needed space to do their homework and study and to entertain friends. In many instances it can make the difference between waiting to get a homework slot at the dining table in the kitchen or managing to do their homework when it pleases in the privacy and quiet of their bedroom in their bunk bed. Bunk Beds have made life bearable for lots of kids in difficult home environments and on that basis alone are to be admired and appreciated. Bunk Beds are here to stay and kids will insist that their popularity continues to grow. Kids beds and kids bedroom furniture sets all have an impact on development.


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