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Ecommerce services require in depth knowledge for large scale multi platform ecommerce application and so require a highly specialised ecommerce web design specialist to create and maintain them, especially with regards SEO and Google rankings etc.

There are so many different aspects to large scale online sales that small inexperienced web design companies may find it difficult to ensure all modules are incorporated to meet PCI guidlines etc. Ecommerce websites that turn over millions of pounds per year need complete automation to ensure maximum efficiency and ease of use. For example for ecommerce deliveries, if the sections doesn't cater for all possible outcomes in all countries then serious issues will arise in future and can be detrimental to the companies online reputation. Experienced companies will already have catered for these situations in the past and will quickly spot any possible draw backs with proposed architectures etc. Smaller scale ecommerce applications also need to be aware of these situations but will obviously have less orders to rectify and can quickly make internal changes to avoid possible reputation damage.

It is well known the a businesses reputation is everything and the same applies to ecommerce businesses. Bad news always travels further and faster than you can imagine, especially with the increased use of forums etc online.

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